Bathisphere Project

- Fantastic Vojage -

Truly emotional-interactive exploration system.

[2010, our first water lily blossom (Nymphaea Alba) in the 8 m³ tank of our prototype]
[2011, live-video of a dragonfly larva]

Goals of the project

Awake questions about the world and biodiversity.

Arouse curiosity about nature, particulary on a smaller scale.

Creatively apply the latest technological innovations.

"A journey of exploration...
...worthy of the Nautilus adventures."

We are talking about a new paradigm
between Entertainment and Science

[2012, Inspecting a real submarine class SSK (S-506 Toti)]
Bathisphere Project
[2013, Our first full-size prototype up and running]

Feel free to email us to have more informations about the project.